Before data can be sent to FarmBeats, it has to be received by WeatherLink. Here is how to verify that your data is being received.


Above is the data tab. Let’s try to verify that data is flowing for your station called YourStationName.

  • Select the Station
  • Make sure the required telemetry fields are selected
  • Select the correct date & time
  • Scroll up/down to find the most recent time
  • Scroll right/left to find YourStationName

Once all that has been accomplished, you should be showing the current data that is being generated by YourStationName.
If you see data (as is shown in the graphic), then your system is properly sending data to WeatherLink.

If YourStationName is not available in the pulldown, then it is not configured properly.
If the system does not show a current time for YourStationName, then WeatherLink is not receiving data for your system.
If all the field values in the table display as “–”, then WeatherLink is configured to receive data but is not actually receiving data from YourStationName.