To setup the EnviroMonitor, the Bluetooth connections with your phone are very important. When setup up, to start the Bluetooth Connection (BLE) , you would first need to press the 2 pads inside the main GATEWAY for a couple of seconds. You should then see the green and blue light appear with the Blue light flashing. At this point, open the phone app; then press GATEWAY or select the gateway you are trying to connect to. You should see the BLE light turn SOLID, and your phone should acknowledge the gateway.

Following are some of the Bluetooth-related issues you may run into.

The lights do not light up.

Make sure the battery is connected. Make sure the pads are clean

The Phone reports “The Gateway is registered to another user”?

The gateway you are connecting to is already registered either to you or someone else.

The phone will not connect

Make sure the phone is in range. Some phones may need to be very close to the device; you may want to rest the phone next to the board.