Cell Connection

Cell connections are required for the device. Your reseller should have worked with you in getting a unit that will work in your location, but sometimes, the coverage is not what we think it should be. If the device does not sync to the cell tower, first, make sure the device is registered on the WeatherLink Site. (Use the phone app to register the device and it will create the account).

Check the Lights

Press the touch pads inside the box and see what the lamps are doing. The LED on the left is “cellConnection” LED. The LED on the right is the “Bluetooth” LED. If the CellConnection LED on the LEFT is SOLID AMBER during bootup, this is normal for the first 3 seconds. If the CellConnection LED is flashing GREEN, the device is trying to wait for the device to connect to the tower. Wait for the CellConnection LED to turn solid green. If the CellConnection LED is solid green, you should be working and transmitting data. If the CellConnection LED is FLASHING AMBER, then then the unit is trying to connect but the battery is low. Check the battery and the solar panel for good connections and that there is not any blockage of the solar panel. If you have a solid AMBER CellConnection LED after booting, then the device is connected to the WeatherLink site, but the battery is low. If the CellConnection LED is blinking RED, then gateway cannot reach the tower. The CellConnection LED is solid RED, the gateway is not setup in the phone, use the app to configure the device. IF you do not have cell connection after a reasonable period of time, try to reboot and test again. If it still fails, try another location and see if that works. IF the LEDs look good, you should be able to add the NODES and the Weather Station. If you have added a weather station through the APP and have it plugged in, you should start seeing data shortly though the APP or the WeatherLink Website. If you do not see it, make sure you are using a CABLED ISS. If you are having issues with the Gateway, you have some other tools with the PHONE APP.