Demo mode allows you to access meta-data and weather observation data from a preselected weather station for demonstration purposes.

The demo station is the default Davis Instruments weather station located at the Davis Instruments office. The station consists of a Vantage Pro2 Plus Integrated Sensor Suite uploading data to via an EnviroMonitor gateway device. The station is also paired with an AirLink air quality sensor.

The Station IDs for this demo station are:

  • Station ID (integer version): 2
  • Station ID (UUID version): 9722cfc3-a4ef-47b9-befb-72f52592d6ed

Before using the demo station please take some time to go through the Tutorial to learn how to use the WeatherLink v2 API and how to use your API Key and API Secret to authenticate your API calls with the WeatherLink v2 API.

To use the demo station you need to include the demo=true query parameter as part of your API call to the WeatherLink v2 API. For example, to include the demo station in an API call that retrieves a list of all stations available to your API key you would need to use the following URL.{YOUR API KEY}&demo=true

The JSON response for the API call will contain a list of all stations that are accessible by the API Key as well as the demo station.

In order to retreive weather observation data for the demo station you will need to reference the demo Station ID in your API call and include the demo=true parameter.

To retrieve current conditions the URL will be:{YOUR API KEY}&demo=true

To retrieve historic data the URL will be:{YOUR API KEY}&start-timestamp={START UNIX TIMESTAMP}&end-timestamp={END UNIX TIMESTAMP}&demo=true

For information on the extra parameters required to retrieve historic observation records please read through the Tutorial.