Sensors can produce multiple kinds of data records. For example, a WeatherLink Live with an Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) like a Vantage Pro2 Plus will produce both current condition as well as historic “archive” data records.

In this example the Vantage Pro2 Plus would be listed in an API weather observation data response as sensor data with sensor_type 45 but the sensor type does not say if the data is current conditions data or historic data. This is where the data_structure_type field will be of use. You can use the table below to determine what kind of data the sensor data record represents.

Data Structure Type Record Type
19 Barometer Current Conditions Record
20 Barometer Archive Record
21 Internal Temperature/Humidity Current Conditions Record
22 Internal Temperature/Humidity Archive Record
23 ISS Current Conditions Record
24 ISS Archive Record
25 Leaf/Soil Current Conditions Record
26 Leaf/Soil Archive Record
27 Health Record
Data Structure Type Record Type
16 Current Conditions Record
17 Archive Record
18 Health Record
Data Structure Type Record Type
10 ISS Current Conditions Record
11 ISS Archive Record
12 non-ISS Current Conditions Record
13 non-ISS Archive Record
15 Health Record


Data Structure Type Record Type
6 ISS Current Conditions Record
7 ISS Archive Record
8 ISS High/Low Record (deprecated)
9 non-ISS Record
14 Health Record
Data Structure Type Record Type
1 Current Conditions Record - Revision A
2 Current Conditions Record - Revision B
3 Archive Record - Revision A
4 Archive Record - Revision B
5 High/Low Record (deprecated)